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Conxys - about us

it's all about connectivity

Life depends on connectivity more than ever.
Always available, reliable and fast.

Behind this intangible experience of always being online, there’s a whole universe of bits, bytes, machines and cables. Countless parameters and touchpoints.
Like a sky full of stars.

Connecting these dots might not be rocket science. But making sure this world of connectivity runs flawlessly, both today and with whatever comes next, is not as easy as it seems.

We work on the highest level of technology and innovation, but believe in keeping things simple. That is exactly how we operate: cutting crap and cutting edge.
With this approach we make smarter, better, faster and stronger connections around the globe.

We promise you this future-proof connectivity.


We create innovative solutions that form the foundation for smarter cities all over the globe. Prototyping every detail for real-world implementation, because you can't make things smart without the right conditions.

  • network engineering smart cities
  • products innovative concepts
  • people lean teams


We believe it’s best to be noticed. We don’t like being average, but we want to stand out in the crowd by doing things the best way possible. We know that this way delivers the promise of a reliable network with better quality and security.

  • reliability the best way
  • quality through stability
  • safety sound and secure


From growing digital transactions and more demanding videostreaming, to all the possible innovations needed for the network of the future: we’re defining an infrastructure capable of handling more, and handling it faster. We are building the next generation digital highway.

  • connections building blocks
  • infrastructure new digital highway
  • high demand meet it head-on


We don’t always know what the next big thing is. All the more reason to be prepared. We believe that partnerships forge stronger networks: the ones we need to be ready for tomorrow. We promise you this future-proof connectivity. Today.

  • partnerships a strong chain
  • future-proof the next big thing
  • service long lasting relationships

smarter. better. faster. stronger.

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